About Us

Colloidal Creek.com™, located in Riverton, Utah, has researched Colloidal minerals and there affects since 2015. We began searching for the best ways of making colloidal products that supplement the human diet and work topically. The marketing rights for Repila Laboratorio (Argentina) and Colloidal Minerals Technology came to the State of Utah in February 2018.

Through our colloidal mineral research since 2015 we determined that the “pure” colloids (no salt, protein or other additives) were going to be the only products we would provide. That search for technological excellence that Colloidal Creek.com™ with their previous engineering staff determined Repila Lab had extensive experience and proprietary methods as well as a process for Colloidal Minerals that were significantly superior to others. As a result Repila Labs imported their products. Now our remaining lab tech staff act as product consultants and marketing staff.

Since 2018 we have represented Repila Labs original natural products and other pure elements namely: Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Vanadium, Chromium, Molybdenum, Silver and Gold. Each of these “essential non soluble trace minerals” that are most commonly depleted in the human diet exist naturally in a mountain spring in “colloidal” form (particulates in suspension). Each of the Colloidal Creek.com™ products are made of only the purest process to produce a 100% pure Spring water quality colloid additive free.

Colloidal Creek.com™ has a record of dedication to its customers for quality and service. Our goal is to bring you inspiring products that will assist you to make life style and healthcare changes that will guide you to greater enjoyment of life. We go the extra mile in their guarantees in all of Our products.

If you have any questions about this site or products, or maybe suggestions to assist us to make it better and more enjoyable, please send us an e-mail.